A Bikini is More Than Just Spandex

Posted on January 21 2022

A Bikini is More Than Just Spandex


Fabric and thread are the essences of a swimsuit. Add some great construction with quality stitching, and BOOM!

It’s true.

You can have a unique design, or even a killer fabric, but if the suit is made of the improper materials and has poor construction it will soon show that it was nothing more than a cheap item.

Blue Coral Swimwear is a bikini brand founded on making high-quality swimwear.

Our brand focuses on “redefining couture and expectations,” but our mission won’t hold up if the swimsuits we make quickly fade like waves against the beach.

Most women buy a new one-piece or bikini every year. Part of it is to keep up with that year’s fashion, or because their suit quickly began to fall apart or fade. 

Bikinis and one-pieces take a beating from the elements. The heat from the sun, salt from the sea, chemicals from a pool or hot tub. Each aspect shows the quality of a swimsuit and the material that holds it together.

Women’s swimsuits sold in stores typically need to meet a minimum threshold of quality expectations. Blue Coral bikinis exceed those requirements by doing two things:

1) Select materials, like nylon and spandex, that will hold up when you are living your best beach/pool life. 

2) Handcraft all outfits for each order and meticulously inspect them before they end up at your front door.

3) Make sure our customers (YOU) are satisfied with the investment you made.

Blue Coral’s designs are fashion-forward, the fabric soft to the touch, and strict focus on every detail. 

Blue Coral shoppers are women who want as much of a quality product as the unique styles themselves.

Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits can leave as much of a lasting impact as a beautiful sunset over your favorite pool, lake, or ocean.

Would you want that moment to be lost by a poorly made bikini?



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