Why Blue Coral is different than other women’s swimwear

Posted on January 25 2023

Callista DeHart Blue Coral Swimwear Designer

Roughly 10 years ago, Callista Gifford-DeHart was living in South Florida and wanted to get a new bathing suit.  She went to her local department store to see what they had available and left disappointed.  The women’s swimwear was all the same.  Skimpy, poorly made, and had little creative thought when it was designed.

Callista recently gave an interview to Canvas Rebel about her background in fashion, where she sees the women’s swimwear industry going, how Old Hollywood inspires her current line, and why she wants women to be “uniquely themselves” when wearing a Blue Coral bikini or one-piece.

“I have found you must self-invest your time, talents, and risks to make your dreams come true. That’s what I am most proud of,” said Callista.  “My prerogative to stand above other brands has been to focus on quality and the “Made in America” traits of my brand. Working for corporations that mass-produce their garments has allowed me to see firsthand how quality is compromised and how there isn’t a sense of pride in making something a customer will love, but instead is only a monetary goal.”

Blue Coral is different, not just because of their designs, but because of the thought behind and the process of how each suit is created.

Vintage styles modernized for today’s woman.  Finely chosen fabric and swimwear that is handmade.  Swimsuits that are true to size and leaves a woman both supported and confident.

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